Monday, December 13, 2010

Social Media Frenzy

   In the past four blog posts, I have referenced different articles that are both interesting and resourceful to PR professionals and students. These articles are full of variety and focus on different aspects of public relations. With this post, and to conclude my series of 10 articles, I am highlighting my top six favorite articles about social media in public relations. These each look at social media in a different way, raise questions, create conversation, and overall, increase the knowledge of the reader.

Blogs are Social Media Too: The Best Public Relations Blogs
This is from the PRSSA national blog and it highlights the top 5 public relations blogs. These are great resources for professionals and students alike.

How PR Pros are Using Social Media for Real Results
This article is from Mashable and is great for focusing on business-to-business strategies in public relations.

How Many Twitter Handles?
This article was posted by and like all their articles, it creates debates and conversation. This particular article discusses the organizational plan for the use of Twitter in a business. In this case, the comments are as helpful as the article.

"Love Affairs" (Blogger Relations) vs. "Relationships of Convienience" (Media Relations)
This is another great article by that creates a discussion about the challenge of PR professionals and balancing relationships.

Social Media Will Not Replace PR
This is an article written on the owner of a large PR firm and his thoughts of the evolution of social media and where it is going.

The Rising Priority of Social Media Risk Management
This was written in reference to Risk Management magazine and their efforts to show the increasing risks social media is presenting and how professionals and firms can protect themselves.

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