Monday, November 15, 2010

Who wants a rewarding job?

   This morning I came across this blog about non-profit public relations. As a student with a major in public relations and a minor in non-profit marketing, this especially appealed to me. When thinking about job searching, I always try to make a list of careers that would make me EXCITED to go to work. Not many people can say they are excited about work, but I would like to be one of them. There are two things that would make me excited: 1. Working with a big name company with fun connections  2. Working for a non-profit where I know I will make an impact in someone's life by the work I do each day.

   While reading this blog, I realized that non-profit PR has all of the normal responsibilities of regular PR, just with an extra challenge. In her entry-level job, she still gets to manage interviews, conduct social media, strategize, be creative and monitor what's going on in the media, all while helping others succeed through her career. Non-Profit PR, I'm looking for you this May.

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